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Sep. 1st 2011 - The Art of Business have a new web design.
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Welcome to Artscabin The Art of Business Find out how the modern business giants developed enterprises. On Artscabin website you have opportunity to learn about possibility, mastery, timing, leverage and leadership. Improve your knowledge about loans, mortgages, remortgage, properties and investment.


About Loans

Discover short term finances such as bridging loans, secured loans, commercial loans, mezzanine or second charge loans

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and Remortgages

Explore the world of mortgages and remortgages. How to create portfolio based on Buy to Let, Equity Funding, Development Finance and Commercial Mortgages

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Lend or Borrow

For many business owners it night be a tricky question. In current economy climate it might look toi be risky to borrow but on the other hands there is a shortgage of development and all investments should generate big profits.Read More


Commercial or residential property investment? In most cases residential property investment generate much more profits than commercial property investment especially during last few years. There is plenty of free tools like mortgage or remortgage calculator which can help you decide. Read More